Py-Audio instantaneous recording to file without buffering

Py-Audio has an awesome script to record sound from your recording device...

23rd Mar

Exiting full screen exclusive mode in Java AWT

We’ve been using Java AWT and Swing and needed full screen exclusive...

28th Nov

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) autoload / startup problem on Mac OSX Yosemite with CamTwist

Today, I was using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) for some projects that...

11th Aug

How to fix your IEEE pdf and embed fonts in Latex

How to fix your IEEE pdf to embed fonts in Latex I’m...

19th Sep

Best Android, WindowsPhone and iOS Development Tutorials

  Android Derek Banas has the probably the best Android development tutorials...

22nd Jun

Building a Customer Management App Using AngularJS and Laravel (PART TWO)!

Single page apps with AngularJS are quite powerful, especially when you can...

09th Apr

So what happens if my WordPress theme does not support WooCommerce?

Earlier this year, I was designing a site for our company. Initially,...

04th Apr

A super website for Laravel beginner tutorials

Further to my previous post today, I came across a real gem...

20th Mar

Choosing a good PHP Framework

I’ve been doing a lot of googling for a advice on choosing...

20th Mar

CheckFront Online Booking Trial

Sep 25, 2013 We’re trialling out an automated online booking system called...

25th Sep