Best Android, WindowsPhone and iOS Development Tutorials


Here are some of my favourite Android, WindowsPhone and iOS Development Tutorials.




Derek Banas has the probably the best Android development tutorials that I’ve seen.  It’s been a few months now since I last saw his videos, but when I was beginning to learn Android programming I found his tutorials the best. Derek’s style is funny, informative and you can see he puts a lot of thought and effort into his examples.

Check out his YouTube Channel:


Prof. Paul Hegarty of Stanford University has probably the BEST learning material on iOS development. He starts with an introduction to Objective-C and then delves into Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm. His teaching style is very immersive and gives practical examples and creates 4 or so apps during the course of the lessons.  His iOS 7 tutorial is linked below.

iOS 8 has introduced a new programming language called Swift.  I haven’t searched for any tutorials on this, but I expect tutorials and lectures will be coming up soon.

WindowsPhone 8

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has the best WindowsPhone 8 development tutorials that I’ve come across.

I initially learned from the Jump Start tutorial by Andy Wigley and Rob Tiffany:

These tutorials are newer, and from a quick glance, look thorough and well-structured.