Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) autoload / startup problem on Mac OSX Yosemite with CamTwist

Today, I was using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) for some projects that we have running.  Due to the nature of the set up, we are using CamTwist as well, because OBS is not currently recognising some of the video capture devices.

During the set up process, the CamTwist options I used made OBS unstable and caused OBS to crash.  Because I had saved these settings, each time I loaded OBS it would crash on startup.

After a quick search and looking at the log files, I found where the autoload settings are located.

$ find ~ -name *obs*

This gives some output, the most important being:

./Library/Application Support/obs-studio

Open the folder:

open ./Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/basic/scenes/

You’ll find the json configuration file – either delete it or edit it, and you will be able to open up OBS again. :-)