So what happens if my WordPress theme does not support WooCommerce?

[quote]So what happens if my WordPress theme does not support WooCommerce?[/quote]

Earlier this year, I was designing a site for our company.

Initially, I  had bought a really super WordPress theme from ThemeForest called Vertikal [LINK IS BROKEN :(].

Then my boss wanted to add some e-Commerce functionality to sell some products.

So I went ahead and installed WooCommerce… wooHoo!

… not quite :-(

It turns out that the Vertikal theme doesn’t support WooCommerce, and the product listings are rather jumbled.





Then – Alhamdulillah!


Install a second theme which is WooCommerce compatible and have all the shop pages render with this theme.

So, I installed jonradio Multiple Themes[1] (link doesn’t work) plugin and a free theme from WooCommerce!

All happy :-)

[1] jonradio doesn’t support the plugin any more. According to the jonradio home page, the plugins are maintained by Zatzlabs.


A super website for Laravel beginner tutorials

Further to my previous post today, I came across a real gem of website:

The tutorials for Laravel are really easy to follow and best of all, they integrate Bootstrap 3 in the Laravel CRUD example that I followed today.

They’ve put a lot of effort into the site, which impressed me a lot!

Thanks, guys!

Featured image courtesy of


Choosing a good PHP Framework

I’ve been doing a lot of googling for a advice on choosing a good PHP framework.

I’ve come across interesting articles that present graphs and pie charts showing dominance of different frameworks over each other.

I’ve been learning Yii for a couple of months, but, given the nature of how CodeIgniter support has been ditched by Ellis, it’s tricky to decide which framework is worth it to invest in learning.

Laravel seems to be taking a lot of the lime light recently.  I haven’t tried it yet, but looks like I might need to do a comparison with Yii.

ONE SUPER IMPORTANT thing that I noticed was THE NUMBER OF BIASED ARTICLES written in such a persuasive, seemingly non-biased way.

Important to “read between the lines” and realise that people are trying to push their own frameworks in such a subtle way.

Having good SEO skills doesn’t mean that you have the best framework or best review of a framework!

I’m just trying to find a good one with long term promise!

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CheckFront Online Booking Trial

Sep 25, 2013

We’re trialling out an automated online booking system called CheckFront.

Let’s see how it looks…!

19 Nov, 2013

Take a look at the registration process… it’s super!  Easy creation of events, items, sessions.  Quick and easy integration of PayPal payment gateway :-),  I love it!


Why no posts recently?!

I’ve been tutoring a LOT of Matlab!
I have been working and getting experience… too busy to post these days….


HOWEVER, take a look at this:


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