So what happens if my WordPress theme does not support WooCommerce?

[quote]So what happens if my WordPress theme does not support WooCommerce?[/quote]

Earlier this year, I was designing a site for our company.

Initially, I  had bought a really super WordPress theme from ThemeForest called Vertikal [LINK IS BROKEN :(].

Then my boss wanted to add some e-Commerce functionality to sell some products.

So I went ahead and installed WooCommerce… wooHoo!

… not quite :-(

It turns out that the Vertikal theme doesn’t support WooCommerce, and the product listings are rather jumbled.





Then – Alhamdulillah!


Install a second theme which is WooCommerce compatible and have all the shop pages render with this theme.

So, I installed jonradio Multiple Themes[1] (link doesn’t work) plugin and a free theme from WooCommerce!

All happy :-)

[1] jonradio doesn’t support the plugin any more. According to the jonradio home page, the plugins are maintained by Zatzlabs.